photo courtesy of John Andrews

"Everything is interesting if you go into it deeply enough."    -Richard Feynman

Christopher Gaines is an artist, filmmaker, father and husband living in Salem, MA. He has been obsessed with filmmaking since he was a kid, and he loves to make things (in any medium, really, but is most comfortable in film).  He is the Artistic Director and founder of The Real to Reel Film School at Raw Art Works, an internationally recognized art-therapy studio for youth-at-risk. He has also served as the Executive Director of Central Productions, a community based non-profit offering support for filmmakers working ‘outside’ of the traditional film industry.  As a filmmaker, he is always looking for creative challenges, both personally and professionally, and his work has screened nationally and internationally at film festivals and on television. He has worked as an editor, cinematographer and producer, as a motion graphics designer, and as an assistant director for live broadcasts.  He has taught film at the high school and university levels, and because of his introduction to filmmaking as a teen, he has an especially strong understanding of the medium's relationship and impact on arts and culture, particularly among youth. 

(Why The Littlest Astronaut?  Because this guy.)

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